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This feature is known as ALUA followover

This feature is known as ALUA followover

To match this example, VMware produced a different element to be used having ALUA devices; not, this is simply not outlined regarding ALUA spec.


ALUA followover simply ensures that in the event the server finds a good TPG AAS alter it did not end in itself, it does not just be sure to return the change even if it has only access to TPGs which might be ANO. Efficiently, this suppress the computers of attacking to possess TPG AAS and you may, as an alternative, it proceed with the TPG AAS of one’s variety. Rates 6.cuatro and you can 6.5 teach ALUA followover communications which have TPG AAS.

Profile six.cuatro shows a systematic shops drawing where in fact the switch fabrics have been got rid of to simplify brand new diagram . Right here, TPG ID step 1 is the AO for the Day spa, and you will one another hosts upload brand new I/O to that particular TPG. TPG ID 2 was ANO, and i also/O is not taken to they. These types of TPGs try set up that have ALUA Direct form.

Figure 6.5 shows that Host A lost its path to the AO TPG (based on Figure 6.4). As a result, this host takes advantage of the ALUA Explicit mode on the array and sends a SET_TPGS command to the array so that TPG ID 2 is changed to AO and TPG ID 1 is changed to ANO.