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Thind don’t difficulty the newest constitutionality of one’s racial restrictions

Thind don’t difficulty the newest constitutionality of one’s racial restrictions

The brand new Legal proceeding

Immediately following his petition try supplied, Authorities attorneys initiated a heading to terminate Thinds naturalization and you can good trial observed the spot where the Regulators demonstrated proof of Thinds political circumstances since a founding member of the fresh Ghadar Group, a violent Indian independence movement based within the San francisco bay area. Alternatively, he made an effort to has actually “high-caste” categorized since “100 % free light individuals” within the concept of the newest naturalization work in line with the facts one each other northern Indians and most Europeans are Indo-Western european peoples.

The fresh judge refuted this conflict, carrying you to definitely while Hindi-talking higher-caste Indians had been in reality similar to light Eu peoples, they had intermarried as well freely on the low-light pre-Indo-Eu population regarding India, hence its establish skin color. From the uncertainty that it brought about for scientific classification, the newest court chose to have fun with a “sound judgment” definition of Caucasian you to definitely failed to accommodate brand new medical objections Thind produced and don’t identify Indians due to the fact light. Thind argued that regardless if he was Black, the guy belonged to the “Aryan race”.

Thind debated having fun with “numerous anthropological messages” that individuals in Punjab or any other Northwestern Indian claims belonged to help you new “Aryan battle”, and you can Thind cited medical bodies such as Johann Friedrich Blumenbach once the classifying Aryans as the of the Caucasian competition.